Education certificate verification (Apostille)

To be used abroad a Russian government-issued document on education, academic degree or title must bear an “Apostille” stamp.

An Apostille is an international standard form for the data confirming that the document is legal and can be used in countries accepting this legalization form.

Only original copies of government-issued education certificates may bear an Apostille stamp.

The Apostille stamp certifies that a signature is genuine, a signee of a confirmed document has the right to sign it, a seal on a document is genuine and that a document was issued to the person specified in the education certificate as to its holder.

The apostille is required when Russian or foreign graduates of Russian universities go abroad and present Russian education certificates for further education or work in the member countries of the Hague Convention dated October 5, 1961.

The verification of Russian government-issued documents on education, academic degrees and titles is performed in the territory of the Russian Federation based on:
  • Hague Convention of 1961
  • Law of the Russian Federation “On Education” (Article 28)
  • Federal Law “On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education” (Article 5 and Article 23)
  • Federal Law No.293-FZ “On amendments to certain legal acts of the Russian Federation due to the improvement of supervisory functions and optimization of the provision of state services in the field of education”
  • other regulations
Pursuant to the law government-issued documents on education, academic degrees and titles may be confirmed (apostilled) directly by an authorized government authority of any constituent of the Russian Federation.

Where to submit documents for verification (apostille)?

What education certificates are accepted for verification?

The following Russian government-issued education certificates are accepted for verification:

certificates of general basic and secondary (completed) education:
  • diploma of general basic education;
  • diploma of incomplete secondary education;
  • certificate of eight-year education;
  • certificate of incomplete secondary education;
  • diploma of secondary education;
  • diploma of general secondary (completed) education with attachment (issued by general education institutions holding a state accreditation certificate).
certificates of initial professional education:
  • diploma of initial professional education;
  • certificate of qualification level with attachment (issued for special subjects of initial professional education for which the education institution has state accreditation).
certificates of intermediate professional education:

  • diploma of intermediate professional education and attachment;
  • academic transcript (issued for special subjects of intermediate professional education  for which the education institution has state accreditation);
certificates of higher professional education:
  • bachelor diploma;
  • diploma of specialist with higher professional education;
  • master diploma with attachment;
  • diploma of incomplete higher professional education and academic transcript (issued for special subjects and fields of studies for which the institution of higher education has state accreditation).
government-issued documents on academic degree conferment.

government-issued documents on academic title conferment.

How to submit documents for apostille?

An applicant must personally submit an application and documents attached to it to a government authority of any constituent of the Russian Federation or send it by registered mail with a return receipt and list of enclosures.

The government authority of the constituent of the Russian Federation must accept applications with attached documents regardless of the applicant’s place of residence and address of the organization issuing the document.

The state fee for Apostille amounts to RUB1,500.

Please read Letter of Rosobrnadzor No. № 02-8 dated 18.01.2011 “For legal entities and natural persons in terms of verification of government-issued documents on education, academic degrees and titles by means of Apostille stamp”


Contact information

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Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science  
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